Google has begun rolling out new and improved grammar suggestions to paid G Suite accounts that are powered by AI.

How much can grammar mistakes in an email affect your reputation? Or is it effect? What word is correct? Or rather, which word is correct? Unfortunately, the standard spell check that Google introduced to Docs seven years ago can't correct those errors even after having evolved over all these years. In an effort to ensure that users get these grammatical conundrums correct and that their reputations never get damaged, Google announced Tuesday that customers using G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise accounts will now see grammar suggestions based on machine translation techniques -- the same that was integrated into Google Cloud Next in 2018 -- within all their G Suite products.

— G Suite (@gsuite) February 26, 2019

Just like what you're accustomed to seeing with spell check, a squiggly blue line will appear beneath a word or phrase when the platform detects a grammatical mistake. Likewise, you can right-click the underlined text to see the grammar suggestions provided by G Suite and decide whether or not you want to make the adjustment.

Not only will vocabulary be corrected, but G Suite will also make sure that verb tenses, prepositional phrases, and subordinate clauses are executed correctly. G Suite Project Manager Vishnu Sivaji explained that machine translation is used "to build a model that can incorporate the complexity and nuances of grammar correction."

The feature began rolling out to paid G Suite accounts Tuesday.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

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