After months of hard work finally, we are migrated to our own server. We have created a completely new network, DNS system, and servers on top of Digital Ocean and Amazon AWS Server, previously we were selling someone else server which was called Reseller Program.

As a part of the plan, your server automatically migrated to our new server with no cost.

New cPanel URL:


Our new servers are located in USA, India, and Singapore.

What is going to benefit you?

  • Our all servers IPV6 enabled.
  • Multi-zone nameserver so your site runs faster on the browser.
  • All shared hosting plans are located in Singapore which geographically close to us which cuts many network calls.
  • All servers are behind a firewall which provides more security.
  • Better customer support: We can fix customer problem more often, previously we had to wait for the Reseller program to fix any customer problem. 

Monday, July 15, 2019

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